Lisbon Flutter Talk

Lisbon Flutter Talk

Welcome to the Flutter community, we work to bring Flutter developers together and welcome new developers. There will be talks, workshops, and showcases, at various cities in Portugal.

  • Event will be in English.
  • Will not be recorded.
  • Will not be streamed.
  • 100% In-Person.
  • Want to have an event at your city? DM us.

📅 Schedule

18:00 - Welcoming 18:10 - Accelerating Flutter development with modern low-code tools 19:30 - Community Hangout

🎁 Talk:

Accelerating development with modern low-code tools
Target Audience : Beginner
Leveraging Flutterflow to build lightning fast MVPs and reducing the total time to build an app

📍Host - Volkswagen Digital Solutions

A special thanks to Volkswagen Digital in accepting us with open arms. Big Kudos

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Informação do evento

Data: 18 de janeiro de 2023 das 18:00 às 20:00


Local: Volkswagen Digital Solutions, Unipessoal Lda - Rua do Sol ao Rato 11 · Lisboa