Introduction to Software Law & FLOSS Licences

What are FLOSS licences and what does “Copyleft” mean? What is the difference between Free Software and Open Source Software? Guest Lecture by Dr. Lucas Lasota

In his guest lecture on Monday, 10.01.22, starting at 6 pm, Dr. Lucas Lasota will give us a short introduction to the law of free software licences. Are you wondering what “copyleft” actually means and how free software or FLOSS and open source software differ from each other legally? Or do you simply want to learn more about free software in general? In any case, we look forward to your participation in the lecture and our subsequent discussion. The talk and discussion will be held in English, online via BigBlueButton. Prior knowledge is not required.

Dr. Lucas Lasota is Legal Project Manager at the Free Software Foundation Europe and an international counsel with a background in contract and technology law. In addition to his commitment to free software and digital autonomy, he is also a research assistant at the chair of Prof. Dr. Herbert Zech at the law faculty of HU Berlin.

Informação do evento

Data: 10 de janeiro de 2022 das 17:00 às 18:00


Local: Online