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Talks wanted (CfP)

We have assembled a content team (consisting of Margarita Manterola, Michael Banck and Lee Garrett), who asked for submissions of talks and workshops to be send to

Suggested topics include:

  • Debian usability
  • Cloud and containers
  • Security
  • Packaging
  • Automating with Debian
  • Debian social
  • New technologies & infrastructure (gitlab, autopkgtest, dgit, debomatic, etc)

This list is not exhaustive, and anything not listed here is welcome, as long as it's somehow related to Debian. If in doubt, propose a talk and we'll give feedback.

We will have talks on Saturday and Sunday, the exact slots are yet to be determined.

We expect submissions and talks to be held in English, as this is the working language in Debian and at this event.


Debian Sprints

The miniDebcamp from Wednesday to Friday is a perfect opportunity to host Debian sprints. We would welcome if teams assemble and work together on their projects. The following sprints will happen:

  • Debian Edu (Thursday and Friday, probably also Saturday and Sunday)



The event will be hosted in the former Victoria Kaserne, now called Fux (or Frappant), which is a collective art space located in a historical monument. It is located between S-Altona and S-Holstenstraße, so there is a direct subway connection to/from the Hamburg Airport (HAM) and Altona is also a long distance train station.

There's a Gigabit-Fiber uplink connection and wireless coverage (almost) everywhere in the venue and in the outside areas. (And then, we can also fix locations without wireless coverage.)

Within the venue, there are three main areas we will use, plus the garden and corridors:


dock europe

dock europe is a meeting space within the venue which offers three rooms which can be combined into one big one. During the Mini-DebCamp from Wednesday to Friday we will probably use the rooms in the split configuration, while on Saturday and Sunday it will be one big room hosting presentations and such stuff. There are also two small rooms we can use as small hacklabs for 4-6 people.

dock europe also provides accomodation for some us, see further below.


CCCHH hackerspace

Just down two corridors in the same floor and building as dock europe there is the CCC Hamburg Hackerspace which will be open for us on all five days and which can be used for "regular Debian hacking" or, if you find some nice CCCHH members to help you, you might also be able to use the lasercutter, 3d printer, regular printer and many other tools and devices. It's definitly also suitable for smaller ad-hoc workshops but beware, it will also somewhat be the noisy hacklab, as it will also be open to regular CCC folks when we are there.


fux und ganz

The Fux also has a cantina called "fux und ganz" which will serve us (and other visitors of the venue) with lunch and dinner. Please register until May 1st to ease their planning as well!


Available rooms summary

  • all 5 days:
    • seminar rooms of dock europe - used as hacklab for the MiniDebCamp and for talks during the conference

    • CCC Hamburg Hackerspace (German page) - used during Conf for hacking, not sure if needed during Camp

    • the big room with the blue roof - lots of space and wireless
  • friday to sunday only:
    • "besprechungszimmer" next to dock europe office
    • kitchen-backroom next to dock europe (shared with regular users of the kitchen)
    • another bigger hacklab in the catacombs


Available beds on site

There is also limited on-site accomodation available, dock europe provides 34 beds in 10 double-rooms, 2 tripple-rooms and 2 quad-rooms in the venue. The rooms are nice, small, clean, have a locker, wireless and are just one floor away from our main spaces. There's also a sufficient amount of showers and toilets and breakfast (for 5e per day) is available (for those 34 people) as well.

Thankfully nattie has agreed to be in charge of distributing these 36 beds, so please mail her if you want a bed. The beds will be distributed from two buckets on a first come, first serve base:

  • 22 beds for anyone, first come, first serve, costs 27e/night.
  • 12 beds for video team, frontdesk desk, talk meisters, etc, also by first come, first served and nattie decides, whether you qualify indeed. Those also costs 27e/night.

Please note that there is an additional one-time fee of 6e for linen and towels.


other housing options

  • Meininger is near by

  • Stadthaushotel in Holstrnstrasse is close too
  • the "ICE Hotel" or the "Hotel Central" in Präsident-Krahn-Straße are close as well
  • the Ghotel at corner Kaltenkirchener Platz / Stresemannstraße is also close
  • Youth hostel at Landungsbruecken, 3 subway stations away



  • sponsored food for pre-registered attendees? (There's a nice cantina on site, we just need to find ways not to DOS them… so we will probably be ordering a fixed amount of food.
  • Cantina is happy to serve us & we will have a 1st meeting in January.


Sponsors, supporting this event

So far we have:

Thanks a lot for making this MiniDebConf possible!

Sábado, 19 Maio, 2018 (Todo o dia) to Domingo, 20 Maio, 2018 (Todo o dia)
Victoria Kaserne, Hamburgo, Alemanhas

MiniDebCamp Hamburg

Um MiniDebCamp é um período de tempo em que os developers e voluntários Debian se organizam para trabalhar em conjunto no projecto Debian Linux. Normalmente estes campos precedem um encontro Debconf.

Quarta, 16 Maio, 2018 (Todo o dia) to Sexta, 18 Maio, 2018 (Todo o dia)
Victoria Kaserne, Hamburgo, Alemanhas
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