LAC 2018 - Linux Audio Conference 2018

We are happy to announce, that the review process has started. As everything has been delayed in the past weeks, we have updated the deadlines accordingly:
  • Acceptance notification: April 14th, 2018
  • Final deadline for 'camera ready' paper: April 28th, 2018
  • Author registration deadline: April 29th, 2018
  • Final program: May 1st, 2018
We hope there will be no further delays and are looking forward to reviewing your submissions!

Deadline extended

You might be happy to hear, that we have just extended the submission deadline by two weeks (March 15th, 2018)!
Due to unforseen circumstances the past few weeks have been quite bumpy.
All the more reason to give everyone a little more time!
We have also updated the information on the submission process regarding the upload of PDFs. We hope this will clear any uncertainties you might have.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

Services are back!

As you might have noticed, on January 29th the server (hosting many more websites and the affiliated mailing lists) was compromised. You can read the full recap by Jeremy Jongepier, if you're interested.
After moving all services to a new location and getting things from backups, everything should be operational by now! However, if you see any glitches with the openconf submission system, please contact us!

Call for Papers starts!

We are happy to announce, that the call for papers and works has started!
All relevant information on the submission process can now be found on this website.
Additionally, we're very pleased to have another institution (Spektrum) onboard in support of this year's conference.

LAC 2018 is happening in Berlin

Hey all, we have some good news!

Linux Audio Conference 2018 will be hosted at c-base - in partnership with the Electronic Studio at TU Berlin - again in 2018 and we even have a date for it already!

7th - 10th June 2018

We will have a Call for Papers and a Call for Submissions in the beginning of next year.

More information will follow in the coming weeks.

Quinta, 7 Junho, 2018 (Todo o dia) to Domingo, 10 Junho, 2018 (Todo o dia)
C-Base, Berlim, Alemanha

LPD - Linux Presentation Day 2018

At the end of 2014 the Berlin Linux User Group (BeLUG) developed a concept for a joint Linux event which aims at interested people who do not know Linux yet and especially at the (non-IT) media. This event can be organized with very little effort i.e. by small groups without budget, too. The first event of this kind was in Berlin in May 2015 at eight locations (each run by another organization).

The second Linux Presentation Day (LPD 2015.2) was in November 2015 but this time not limited to Berlin but in 72 cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (more than 1,500 visitors). The LPD 2016.1 was in April 2016 in more than 110 cities in 10 countries.

We are now looking for people in further countries who organize the participation in future LPD events for one or a few locations so that they gain experience with this kind of event and can organize a nationwide participation later.

Sábado, 10 Novembro, 2018 (Todo o dia)
Por todo o lado no planeta terra

Linuxwochen Linz 2018

Achtung Datumsänderung: Leider mussten wir die Veranstaltung vom Mai auf das o.g. Datum verschieben.

Auch 2018 laden die Linuxwochen Linz wieder alle Technikinteressierte und Freunde der Open Source/Open Hardware/Open Data Welt ein am Samstag den 23. und Sonntag den 24. Juni dabei zu sein.

Ein Teil der Vorträge werden in Form eines Barcamp organisiert. Teilnahme am Barcamp ist bis unmittelbar auf der Veranstaltung möglich.

Konferenzsprache: Deutsch (Englische Vorträge möglich)
Ort: Linz (Wissensturm & Hackerspace /dev/lol)
Eintritt frei!
Keine Anmeldung erforderlich.

Sábado, 23 Junho, 2018 (Todo o dia) to Domingo, 24 Junho, 2018 (Todo o dia)
Wissensturm & Hackerspace /dev/lol, Linz, Austria


Tübix could be something for you if you:

    ... want to learn something from others
    ... want to show or teach something to others
    ... expert / professional / veteran / master
    ... newbie / beginner / changer / prospective customer
    ... by the way want to visit a computer museum
    ... by the way want to see an 80cm telescope

Admission is free, but everyone helps a bit with .

Sábado, 9 Junho, 2018 (Todo o dia)
Wilhelm-Schickard-Institut für Informatik, Tübingen, Alemanha

Opensouthcode 2018

Opensouthcode es un evento para promocionar y dar a conocer las tecnologías abiertas: software/hardware libre y opensource. El evento es gratuito.

Sexta, 1 Junho, 2018 (Todo o dia) to Sábado, 2 Junho, 2018 (Todo o dia)
La Térmica, Málaga, Espanha

Grazer Linuxtage 2018

Die nächsten Grazer Linuxtage finden am 27.–28. April 2018 in Graz statt.


Das vorläufige Programm der Grazer Linuxtage 2018 ist da!

Freitag nachmittags finden die Workshops statt, am Samstag können alle, die freie Software anwenden, administrieren oder entwickeln, ihren Wissensdurst bei mehreren parallelen Vortragsreihen und Infoständen stillen.

Fotos und Videos 2017

Die Videos aller Vorträge sind auf YouTube zu finden! Und Fotos sind in unserer Galerie verfügbar!

Was sind die Grazer Linuxtage?

Die Grazer Linuxtage sind eine freie Konferenz, die jährlich im April in Graz stattfindet. Die Grazer Linuxtage werden zur Gänze von Ehrenamtlichen organisiert. Wir möchten eine freie Möglichkeit bieten sich über Open-Source Software und Open-Source Hardware zu informieren. Dabei helfen Sponsoren unsere Unkosten zu decken (Plakatdruck, Hosting, Veranstaltungsräume, T-Shirts, Werbung).

Die Grazer Linuxtage behandeln weit mehr als 'nur' Linux. Mittlerweile dreht es sich um Alles was Anwender freier Software begeistert. Dabei findet sich sowohl für den Einsteiger als auch für Fortgeschrittene Benutzer Vorträge die informieren.

Über Anregungen, Lob und Kritik freuen wir uns, bitte per E-Mail an schicken!

Das waren die Grazer Linuxtage am 28.–29. April 2017

Es kamen wieder über 750 Besucher zu den Grazer Linuxtagen 2017!

Die Grazer Linuxtage 2017 fanden zum vierten mal zweitägig statt, die Workshops wurden am Freitag angeboten und am Samstag gab es wie gewohnt ein ganztägiges Vortragsprogramm und Projektstände. Der Ort des Geschehens war wieder die FH Joanneum. Das waren die Grazer Linuxtage 2017 auf Twitter: #glt17.

Sexta, 27 Abril, 2018 (Todo o dia) to Sábado, 28 Abril, 2018 (Todo o dia)
Graz, Austria


DORS/CLUC - Dani otvorenih računarskih sustava / Croatian Linux Users' Conference - is the oldest and biggest regional conference that covers free and open source software, open standards, and the Linux operating system. For the last 25 years, DORS/CLUC has brought together many prominent individuals and companies from the free and open source software community.

The conference is coordinated by HrOpen and HULK, two non-profit organizations that tirelessly work to promote open technologies and encourage their application in everyday life.

This year's conference will take place from April 19 to 20 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, Croatia. Once again, an interesting crowd will gather to attend talks about awesome free software topics.

During the three days of talks, workshops, and fun, DORS/CLUC becomes a place where students, FOSS enthusiasts, tinkerers, developers, hackers, freelancers, companies and the public sector representatives meet to learn, network, do business and plan projects together - all with focus on free software and Linux.

DORS/CLUC has traditionally been divided into two parts: keynotes/talks and workshops.

Keynotes and talks generally cover business topics, the latest experiences with FLOSS implementation and migration, and presentations of new tools and technologies, along with explanations on how to use them.

Workshops are mostly tech-oriented, and provide the attendees with an opportunity to learn how to use a particular technology, as well as how to troubleshoot and solve problems with free and open source software and hardware.

There is something for everyone at DORS/CLUC. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced member of the FOSS community, we believe that three days full of interesting talks, networking, and knowledge exchange will count as time well-spent.

Quinta, 19 Abril, 2018 (Todo o dia) to Sexta, 20 Abril, 2018 (Todo o dia)
FER, Zagreb, Croatia


Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters (COSCUP; Chinese: 開源人年會) is an annual conference held by Taiwanese Open source community participants since 2006. It's a major force of Free software movement advocacy in Taiwan. The event is often held in two days, with talks, sponsor and communities booths, and Birds of a feather (computing). In addition to international speakers, many Taiwanese local Open Source contributors often give their talks here. The chief organizer, other staffs, and speakers are all volunteers.

COSCUP's aim is to provide a platform to connect Open Source coders, users, and promoters, and promote FLOSS with the annual conference. The conference is free to attend because of the enthusiastic sponsors and donators. Since the conference venue is limited, tickets are often sold out immediately after the online registration starts.

Sábado, 11 Agosto, 2018 (Todo o dia) to Domingo, 12 Agosto, 2018 (Todo o dia)
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
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