The FOSS4G-Europe Conference will be held in Guimarães, Portugal, from July 17 to 19th, 2018. Two days for workshops are scheduled. On 16th, just before the conference and on 20th, after the conference. We also support a code sprint for two days, 20 and 21th of July.

The Conference aims to bring together the European FOSS4G community. It is not an academic neither a business event. It is a community event, to support face to face meetings and discussions, to foster interactions, to share knowledge and passion.

The Conference is organized by Portugal OSGeo Chapter, on behalf of the Europe OSGeo Chapter.

We will be publishing as many information as possible in the next few days. Meanwhile, if you have some urgent question, please email our local team using the address:

Terça, 17 Julho, 2018 (Todo o dia) to Quinta, 19 Julho, 2018 (Todo o dia)
Pousada de Guimarães, Guimarães, Portugal