ÐΞVCON1 - The Ethereum conference


November 9th – 13th, 2015

As the followup to ÐΞVCON0, the Ethereum Foundation and ΞTHÐΞV
present 5 days of discussions, technical talks and related events.

Primary topic categories:

Research & Core Protocols

Including proof of stake, scalability, networking protocols, privacy and zero-knowledge proofs, decentralized protocols, prediction markets, mining, and reputation systems.

ÐApp Development

Practical challenges of developing applications on top of the ethereum platform and effective design patterns to optimize security, efficiency, developer time and the user experience.

Industry & Social Implications

IoT, finance, government, supply chain tracking, notarization, creative registries, identity and reputation, markets and exchanges, and related topics for policymakers and investors.

Segunda, 9 Novembro, 2015 (Todo o dia) to Sexta, 13 Novembro, 2015 (Todo o dia)
Gibson Hall, City de Londres, UK